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Solidarity message to the UCU and UK higher education workers

29 de novembro, 2019

The Federação Nacional dos Professores (FENPROF), the most representative Portuguese federation union in the education sector, including higher education and research, expresses its solidarity with the 8 days strike that the UK higher education workers have been conducting with great success since Monday 25 November.

Dear Colleagues,

We support your struggle. We support your demands for a fair university pension scheme and better pay and working conditions. 

It is not acceptable that university employers refuse to implement fair pension schemes, with financial losses to the workers and in complete disregard with the studies that have been conducted by independent expert panels.

We applaud your determination in fighting back the pay gaps related to gender and ethnicity and the declining value of wages, as well as precariousness employment practices and unsafe workloads, aspects that also greatly affect the Portuguese higher eduction and research workers.

We are at your side! Continue your struggle! For the stability of the profession! For the quality of education! For a better society and democracy!

In solidarity,
The Secretariat